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Brooklyn Assault Defense Lawyer

Brooklyn Assault and Battery Charges

If you are facing assault charges in Brooklyn, you need an epxerienced Assault Defense Lawyer. Mr. Discioarro is a fomer prosecutor who has handled hundreds of assault cases and can give you the representation you deserve. One of the most impostant things an attorney must do in an assault case is conduct an investigation as soon as possible.

Who started the fight? Was the ambulance called? Are there witnesses? What are the medical records saying? Felony assault charges can carry years of prison time if not handled properly. The basic rule used by prosecutors is to determine how badly the "victim"has been injured and charge the defendant with the higest charge possible. The NYPD simply will arrest the winner of the fight regardless of who started the encounter. If the case is a felony, it mus be presented to a Grand Jury. This provides the defendant the opportunity to testify before the Grand Jury. This can be an opportunity to tell your side of the story.

If you have been arrested for assault in Brookly, contact The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC at 917-519-8417 and let us put our experience to work for you.